About Made In America Gifts

We are a platform built to show you the best American made gifts for any occasion. We love supporting small businesses and American manufacturers while helping consumers shop for quality products for their loved ones. When you click on a gift idea from us, you support a small business in the US.

We select these gifts from a massive database built by Cultivate, our sponsor. Are you looking to build your own list of gifts? Let's do it! Reach out to us at gifts@wecultivate.us and we can guide you on how you can create a list of gifts made in the USA from our website; you'll also get paid for this when you share your list with your followers.

What's Cultivate?

Cultivate is a browser extension built for Chrome and Safari that helps consumers buy American-made products while shopping on large marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart. Their extension highlights American-made alternatives from small businesses as you search to help you make informed decisions about what you're purchasing. By using Cultivate's extensions, you can help small businesses and manufacturers who generate 50% more local economic activity than large marketplaces which leads to more jobs and higher wages for Americans.

Download the Chrome Extension here.

Download the Safari Extension here.

How does this website make money?

When you click on gift links from our blogs, the merchants we send you to pay us a piece of the sales; think of it as working on commission. This doesn't increase your cost at all! We're not afraid to share this with you, either. Stay tuned for how!