21 Made in USA Streetwear Items for Your Favorite Hypebeast

These clothing items and accessories are perfect for capturing someone's unique sense of style.

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21 Made in USA Streetwear Items for Your Favorite Hypebeast

These clothing items and accessories are perfect for capturing someone's unique sense of style.

Trucker Block Color Denim Jacket 915

from nobrandjeans.com

Stand out from regular denim jackets with this unique color block denim jacket.
The perfect lighweight jacket for the fall or spring.

Made in L.A. Short Sleeve Jersey Henley in White

from Todd Snyder

The short-sleeve version of a classic item, this henley never goes out of style.
A great way to step up any casual attire.

FairFax Hoodie Tie Dye Black

from Legends

Few things are more comfortable than an oversized hoodie.
Give the gift of comfort and style, whether it be this retro design or one of the more traditional colors.

Fairfax Sweat Pant Tie Dye Black

from Legends

The missing piece in the most comfortable outfit you can find.
Complete the matching sweatsuit by getting both the hoodie and the sweatpants.

Grateful Dead Hoodie

from East Dane

For the Dead Head in your life, this item is the perfect gift.
A tie-dye look that is reminiscent of the iconic band, the dancing bear logo never ages.

Noah - Corduroy Varsity Jacket

from Noah

Available in both leather and suede, this motorcycle jacket is the ideal layer to wear on a brisk day.
Give a gift that will last for decades with a timeless style.

Bolt Sweatpants

from Shopbop

These sweatpants are a great mix of classic and bold.
Sweatpants that can go with any outfit, the colorful lightning bolt makes these lightweight pants stand out.

Ruby Mid Rise - Skinny Jean

from three6five denim

A bold red side panel sets these mid rise jeans apart from the traditional look.
Made in Los Anglese, these denim jeans are the perfect gift for anyone looking to step up their style.

New Balance 992 Sneakers

from East Dane

An American staple, New Balance has been making bold sneakers before that was the style.
With a recent surge in popularity, these sneakers have become a necessity in any sneaker rotation.

Starstruck ABL Leggings

from Boldbody Active

The recent athleisure trend has made leggings into everyday fashion.
Perfect for days in the gym or days just hanging out.


from Randolph USA

No outfit is complete without stylish accessories.
These sunglasses are a great gift for someone looking to put their outfit over the top.

Printed Bandana

from Bodega

An iconic item to any fan of hip hop, a printed bandana is great as a statement piece or just a hair tie.
A gift that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Bourdain HNLY

from Hnly LA

This long sleeve henley is perfect as a lightweight undershirt on a cold day or the outer layer on a nice fall day.
A timeless item that is guaranteed to find use in any outfit rotation.

Box Logo Hoodie- Red

from nobrandjeans.com

You can never have enough hoodies, and this box logo hoodie is the perfect addition to any collection.
A classic black and red combo that that everyone will find use for.

JOHN ELLIOTT Escobar Short in Black

from Revolve

An unique length pair of shorts that is perfect for when the weather starts to change.
With a heavier fabric, these shorts are a great way to stay comfortable at the right temperature.

Daisy Bucket Hat

from Adsum

A simple hat can go a long way with any outfit.
Great for blocking out the sun or just tieing together a look.

Noah - Striped Sock

from Noah

The most neglected item in any outfit, having unique socks is a great way to stand out.
Don't let shoes be the only statement pieces on the feet.

The Fitzroy

from Mission Workshop

Functional and stylish, this backpack is all anyone needs.
With a huge capacity, nothing will be too much to fit in this bag.

A5 | Field Black USA Automatic

from Vaer Watches

Watches are always in style and always a great accessory that is also functional.
Don't just rely on a phone for time.

Abstract Blob Scarf

from Los Angeles Apparel

When the weather really starts to turn, nothing keeps the cold air away like a nice scarf.
With a unique design, this scarf is perfect for the coldest winter days.

Wharf Skully - Signal Red

from Upstate Stock

Don't forget about the ears this winter.
A knit hat is a stylish way to stay warm.